31 December 2012

this year

this year started slow and then like a fire it burned bright through our last months of 2012. I was optimistic and ready for change. in january, I met a best friend, and confidant. my childhood cat's life ended. I promised myself that I would stop being scared, and though, I am still working on a few of my fears, I have pushed myself right on out of my comfort zone. february, we packed up our very first home and moved just a few blocks over to a place far more spacious than we could ever need. we celebrated valentine's day, and our first anniversary. march came and so did some of my favorite people. we made the first of five trips in a year to muir woods this month, too. in april, we were sealed for eternity in the salt lake city temple, and celebrated one of our favorite little lady's first birthday. may, steven turned twenty-two, and my little brother came for a visit. (chance was pleased.) june, took us to the las vegas heat, and a nice little break for the two of us. july was entirely set aside for celebration. my twentieth birthday, the fourth of july, and my grandparents' 50th anniversary. so much love for that month. especially because there was many a days spent near the ocean as well. august, was sarah's 23rd birthday, blonde hair, steven's agreement to 4 more years of the air force, and the beginning of my spinach smoothie obsession. september, was our one and only day to the lake and backyard camping. october, we hiked, and hiked. we pumpkin patched. and we spent halloween with our good pals, a scary movie, and caramel apples. november, was one of the most full and joyful months in all my life. packed to the brim with happiness and rewarding days. my in laws came and we explored every inch of northern california. thanksgiving was the sweetest day. cooking long and calm all throughout the morning with my mama in law. we also found out THE most joyous news that day about the little life inside of me, and my heart just about burst. nothing in the world could have prepared me for that day. and that joy rolled right on into december. we celebrated a very simple christmas (having absolutely everything we could need made it a small christmas, too). we got to see our sweet babe swimming in my belly twice so far, and let me just tell you, I could watch it's perfect little heart flicker forever.

this year was a big one. our prayers were answered in ways more abundant that we could have imagined. our God is a big God, with a plan far greater than my own. I hope to be more patient and trusting in him with the coming year. especially with the journey ahead of us. both 2011 and 2012 were years that made me stretch and grow & I have no doubt that 2013 will bring more of that. I cannot wait to experience every second of this pregnancy, and the child that is growing inside of me. I cannot wait to be a mother. I cannot wait to watch my husband excel in his career, and the path that is ahead of him, but the thing I look forward to most is him taking on the role of a father. I can already tell how much he loves this baby, and I know that our child is the luckiest to get him as a dad.

I'm off to celebrate the night with a cheese fondue dinner, and chocolate fondue for dessert. the best way to ring in the new year in my opinion!

you've been good, 2012.
see you soon, 2013.

(2011 in review, if you are interested.)


  1. I think I missed the part where you found out you were pregnant so congrats!! That's amazing news. Being a mom is seriously one of the best things in the world and I'm sure you two will be amazing parents!

    I'm glad 2012 was good for you and I hope 2013 is just amazing! Happy New Year!! :)