30 May 2012

s turns twenty-two

this hot fellow turned twenty-two on the 24th. so not only did may bring us mother's day, his mother's birthday, my brother's birthday, and an anniversary of first "I love yous", it brought another year of life to my dear husband. and we  c e l e b r a t e d (for six consecutive days, might I add).

(his iphone was his favorite gift of them all.)

we had a pretty decent reason for such a long celebration though. poor s had to work a very long 12-hour shift on his birthday. so that night we had a curry dinner with the thornhills and finished it off with malted milk shakes, and soft serve ice cream.  

we used his birthday as an excuse to indulge in so many things we probably shouldn't have eaten. lemon pie, donuts, red velvet cupcakes, barbequed goodness, french toast, bacon, & pancakes, and one too many stops at the chick-fil-a drive thru. 

we had brunch on the waterfront, brinner, and any version of breakfast as often as we could manage.
chance being nothing but his goose of a self.

we did try to balance the massive caloric intake out with cycling as much as possible, though. 
(but let's be real, him more than me.)
gifts from friends that know him perfectly.

    we finished our week long celebration with a three day weekend, and a go-kart race with dear friends. however, my mama has a vegas trip planned for the both of us in june where we plan to just continue our celebrating.

because his life is my grandest blessing.
love, N

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