19 July 2012


on the third of this month, I jumped right into my twentieth year. I woke up to a sweetly decorated breakfast set-up from my darling man. complete with light bulbs strung across our ceiling, and my favorite mustard table linen. 

we spent the day with our best friends. a day trip to ikea, downtown sacramento, sushi, and quickly's tapioca drinks were involved & all of that combined is the concoction of the perfect day. if you were wondering.

the next day, we just continued our celebrations with: a backyard picnic with pizza marghertia, ibc bottled rootbeer, sparklers, raspberry pie, white daisies (in the cutest blue tin), and the amazing spiderman - which to me basically translated to "the amazing emma stone."

our backyard summer plans are also starting to come together and it is just making me that much more excited for this season. 

I couldn't think of a better group of people I could be loved by at this time in my life. I feel thoroughly supported with the understanding that my own strength, happiness, and self-love is what is deeply rooted inside of me and keeping me steady. the human beings in my life only validate that, and remind me that I am worthy of so much more than I allowed myself the past two decades. my goals are achievable. my heart is good. and the life ahead of me has potential to be satisfying and successful - if only I will choose for it to be so.

this is what I celebrated this year. this understanding. this growth. this life.

cheers! N

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  1. I adore reading your posts. I always get goosebumps by your skill to choose the right words!

    I also definitely agree with you that one should love himself so that he is able to share this love with others. Everyone can choose to live a satisfying life if they would only work for it!

    Best wishes,