03 August 2012

goodbye, july

hello, august! 
in an attempt to welcome you, I must say goodbye to july,
 so here is the last bit of our month around these parts.

soon after I took engagements at muir/stinson beach, we decided to head back there with our friends and it was the good dose of relaxation that we needed.

the day after, I found myself flying to utah last second to join in on the surprise celebration of my grandparents 50th anniversary. there was food & decor to be prepped for 200 people, plus the need to get my grandparents out of their home for six+ hours, as that's where the party was being held. the sky decided to rain on us, so we had to move everything within 20 minutes of them coming home, but everything smoothed itself over and we had it ready just. in. time. which, is no exaggeration. it was such a joy to be able to see them, let alone surprise them with a visit. not many people top those two in my world.

and now, I'm half a blonde. and steven & I are the owners of a new car. things are changing this summer and I am thankful to be plowing through my to-do list(s). three of those lists, to be exact.

happy august to you!


  1. You really suit ombre! Beautiful girly, enjoy August.

  2. Happy August to you as well. Steven will be an amazing father! Will you post some points of your to-do lists?
    Best wishes.
    Stephanie from Germany!