15 August 2012

my passages have lacked substance lately. it hasn't gone unnoticed. and these barren words in no way reflect the life that I am living.

I write when I feel something. and felt, I have. more so lately than ever before, I'd dare say. hardships these days cut a bit deeper than they ever have, but with that comes the days that knock me right over with their sweetness. I have been forced into silence because my heart has leaped from one impossible day to the next, my mind exhausted, trying its darnedest to keep up. so, if you were wondering, I am between there and here. I am praying daily, that one day these struggles we are being dealt will be something we realize was only necessary to genuinely appreciate what we are yearning for now. and I am thankful today for the reminders that we are indeed alive, and thriving (together) despite all heartache that  has come our way.

"today, I choose happiness."

on a lighter note, (because let's be real, we need lighter after that ramble) I will be back soon with a delicious + healthy smoothie recipe!
happy wednesday, all! -N

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  1. I so can relate to this post.Feeling the same way these days.