13 March 2013

I was looking through old film photographs (which made me miss the thrill of non-digital photos, as always) and I realized I never did come back to the ol' blog to share part two of my trip to europe. oh, when was that? just over a year and a half ago. sorry about that! anyway - here are the last of my favorites.

has me aching for a get-a-away all over again. not to europe for a good while, but to somewhere sultry and hot. somewhere familiar. basically, back to okinawa. home. that longing will never go away I am sure though.

(here's part one if you missed it!)


  1. from life here in the sandpit, Europe is a million miles away

  2. One of these days I really want to travel outside of the US. The top on my list are Tokyo, Seoul, and London. Hopefully you can do some more traveling in the future! :)

  3. You already know how much I love these, but I'll tell you again- I freaking love these. And you.