26 October 2011

l'europe ( v. one )

considering 'a picture says one-thousand words,' I hope these pictures will give you the few thousand words that I just cannot seem to muster.

chateau de pourtales (home for the first 7 days.)

 every picture (except the last) is 35mm film.

 to put it simply, europe was phenomenal. I'll see you soon with volume two, friends!


  1. I love those photos! & your hair looks amazing!

  2. So in love with your film, so in love with you.

  3. Chateau de pourtales looks awesome. I need to go there, too :)
    Those pictures are great!!

  4. These are gorgeous shots, N'tima. I really can't wait to see more impressions of Europe now, you have me on my toes!