06 October 2011

 (all film pictures taken by my mama years ago)

since childhood, my mother has instilled in me a deep passion and desire for the earth. every bit of it. a desire that will never die. to travel shore to shore, continent to continent. knowing that it will always be worth more than money and extra christmas presents. whether it was road trips through the mountains, cruises through the oceans, holidays with family, or packing up everything we owned to live in an absolute foreign world. I will never stop moving.

and here I am three days away from continuing onto another new adventure to see pieces of the world I have yet to experience. to plant my feet into the soils of france and germany with my dear mom, and my heart is so terribly full right now, I don't quite know what to do with myself.

happy october, friends!

see you when I return. -N


  1. Safe travels, good luck on your trip, enjoy yourself! Best wishes :)