03 October 2012

to the woods

we decided tuesday night to go on a spontaneous adventure through the redwoods. we packed up our water bottles, pretzels, apples, and (of course) pumpkin cookies and made our way across a few bridges and to the woods. muir woods is conveniently close. and it was conveniently free. they have a new rule that military families get in at no cost for the entire year. free adventures are my favorite kind.

we also grabbed  t h e  most delicious burgers and fries on the way home. garlic fries with aged cheddar, might I add. if you're ever in mill valley, please do yourself a favor and eat at super duper burger. I may have photographed it, if I didn't inhale it first. 

it was one top-notch tuesday, and I am grateful for a dude that'll pick up and head to the forest with me on a moment's notice. I am grateful I married an adventurer. 



  1. okay. you look so good in these pictures.

    also, i'm incredibly jealous you live near such a beautiful place.

    1. haha re-reading over that comment i'm thinkin' "so good" might have been a weird way of putting it...

  2. Some of the best adventures are the ones that happen on a whim. xo

  3. Thee are so beautiful! I would trade the deserts of southern California for the forests of northern in an instant.