02 October 2012

hello, october.

I made a rule that I was not allowed to bake any pumpkin flavored goods until october rolled around, so you better believe I jumped right at the chance to bake chocolate chip pumpkin cookies yesterday. I am so ready for marigold leaves, backyard camping, pumpkin patching, pumpkin carving, homemade rootbeer, sugar cookies, crisp air & thick fog, scarves & boots, candy corn & halloween, hocus pocus, and hiking through the hills. even though northern california decided to be in the 100s this week, I feel autumn right around the corner. 
this month is my absolute favorite, and I'm praying it doesn't pass as quickly as the summer months did!


  1. I feel your pain about the heatwave going on in California right now. It was supposed to be 106 today but we got lucky and it's only 100.. ha!