10 October 2012

weekending & backyard camping

we were granted a four-day weekend from the weekend Gods (& columbus, I suppose), and we celebrated. if you follow me on instagram, you know this. (as seen, here & here.) we spent a night backyard camping. complete with our fire pit, foil dinner, s'mores, a whole lot of bundling up, tent sleeping, and campfire breakfast.

waking up early in the cold, fresh dewy morning to nothing but bird songs and a warm husband has got to be on my top ten favorite feelings list. and I'm quite certain we will never get the smoke smell out of our clothes... and hair.

the next morning, we got to listen to the sweet words of LDS general conference. my heart filled to the very top, and I am ready to take on just about anything.

...so I started that feat with the mountains.
monday, we took a short drive to berekley to take a hike through tilden national park. we climbed quite a bit. it was deliciously crisp outside. it was nearly perfect. I am finding a love for hiking deeply rooted in me that I am sure I inherited from my father.

I hope you all found something spectacular to do on your extra day off! happy wednesday!

*I have changed my url! this space is now weseekjoy.blogspot.com.


  1. I love your new name! I hope you inherited something good from me, maybe 'finding joy in the journey?' I hope so. I see you doing that on a daily basis and it brings much joy to me. Love ya...Mom

  2. your photos elicit so many warm feelings.

    the lights on the tent? genius.

    also, i love those hunter boots more & more every time i see 'em.