18 October 2012


I intended on titling this post "weekend" but then I realized tomorrow is friday, these are from last weekend, and that might get confusing. 
so, "lately" it is.

lately has included a lot of netflix, a tiny hike through the hills (with our happy pup), flaming orange sunsets, and baking and decorating autumn themed sugar cookies with our good pals. 
today we grabbed a fog machine, a few strings of orange twinkle lights, some cotton spider web, a few fall scented candles, and our tenth bag of candy corn this season. so it's safe to say we are pretty darn close to being ready for halloween in 13 days (how is that possible!?) up next is pumpkin patching & carving, which I think I can say is my favorite part of halloween. I think.

happy almost weekend, friends!

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