18 July 2012


here I am playing catch-up. this is part 1 of a photo heavy post because I am just no good at blogging. 
my mama flew S & I to sin city to celebrate our birthdays. we had a blast. mostly due to top-notch company + food, a freezer full of popcicles & our own private jacuzzi. without those things vegas is 99% boobs, booze, and gambling. which isn't necessarily our favorite things in the world.

it was a nice break nonetheless & my mom spoiled (spoils) us to bits. 

I'll be back soon with our adventures from our third & fourth of july!


  1. We went to Las Vegas like two or three weeks ago and we kept saying to ourselves "Oh, we'll find something family friendly." We were oh so wrong! That's awesome about your family visiting you :)

  2. I don't know why but I find it so funny and perfect that you guys went to Vegas, mostly because you don't seem like really big Vegas people and that's what's kinda perfect about it. Anyways, SO JEALOUS because I haven't had In-n-Out in about two years PLS MAIL ME SOME THNX and I hope you guys had fun with the gambling n boobs and stuff!! ;)