16 August 2013

she is here

On August 13, 2013,
at 6:33 in the morning,
our daughter arrived into the world with the sun. 

Her name is Anabel Diane Preusser.  
She weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces
And was twenty inches long

She is, quite simply put - perfect.
 Her birth was undoubtedly the most incredible and terrifying day in all my life. 
She came into the world with will and with purpose. She came into this world fighting. 
And for that, I am so thankful.

She is here. Our daughter is finally here.
Healthy, beautiful, and strong.

To God be the glory. 


  1. It's just that I absolutely love her hair...

    and that sometimes I wish I could cuddle her ♥

    So, so happy for you!

  2. oh, she is so beautiful. congratulations!

  3. I cannot wait to see more of her and of your journey together. You both seem like such beautiful souls. I hope someday you'll share her birth story with us--I'm sure it's as wildly beautiful and vivacious as she will be.

  4. She is beautiful! A perfect mix of momma and daddy (from the photos I have seen on your blog!) Congrats!

  5. She is so beautiful! Congrats!! :)


  6. Oh I wish I could cuddle her too! Biggest heartfelt congratulations, mama.

  7. Oh my god! she's so precious! congratulations, mum and dad!

  8. Congratulations! 5 days in this world - I wish her a long happy life full of love, experience and purpose for herself.

  9. She's so beautiful!!! Congrats!

  10. I just read your post about how "Babies ruin your body" and I loved it!! I then realized our baby girls were born a day apart :]