10 July 2013

a space for her

Things in A's nursery are starting to wrap up. The only things really missing are a crib skirt my mama & I will make in the coming weeks, and of course, our girl. We've spent the past nine months filling it with treasures we have found here and there. With the hope that we could create a cozy space for our daughter. A simple, bright, happy space that belongs to only her. 
I am pleased to think we have achieved just that. 

Shopping list:


Crib, cot "canopy" (curtain on an embroidery hoop), abacus, toy sorter, stuffed radish, baby gym, round mirror, diaper basket sorter, lamp, and white shelves.


Rug, elephant rocking toy, red elephant pillow, elephant garland, elephant and heart wall hangers.

Felt ball garland mobile, made by Steven and me. Balls bought from HandbehgFELTS etsy shop (attached to a small embroidery hoop).

Various books and toys - either thrifted or from S & I's childhood
Peach pillow - thrifted
Rocking chair -  Baxton Studio (via Amazon.com)
Dresser - craigslist find
Polka dot quilt - sewed by my mom
Diapers - Flip cloth
Peach wall - painted using this tutorial


  1. ohhhh soo cute!

  2. So sweet! I love the little canopy. I bet you're so much more excited now that everything is in place! :)


  3. her nursery is darling. you did a beautiful job.

  4. This is the most precious baby room I have ever seen. So happy.

  5. Very cute! I'm getting so excited for you.

  6. how lovely! wonderful job, sweet lady. Can't wait to "meet" your little bundle of joy

  7. I absolutely LOVE this. What a perfect, bright, full-of-love space. I can't wait to see the little lady in it.

    So much love <3

  8. this is the most precious thing i've seen in such a long time. i almost started crying.
    i cannot believe where life has taken you n'tima, you've grown up so sooo much and a chan is
    so lucky to be yours. cannot wait to see her darling face.

  9. You could not have a more perfect space for her. it is beautiful!

  10. It so perfectly suits your sweet home and will certainly suit your precious girl. Well done, mama. Well done.

  11. I just came across your blog. Oh my goodness, your writing is beautiful. The whole blog is beautiful. As a young newlywed, your life inspires me. Thank you so much.


  12. Oh, N'tima! It's absolutely darling. Great job!!!