15 April 2013

Our darling girl is the size of a cantaloupe this week. A CANTALOUPE. I cannot even fathom how she has grown from the size of a poppyseed to a small melon in such a short time. She is almost a foot long, and weighs just over a pound now. And boy, do I feel it. On each side of my belly and in the bottom of my ribs is where she likes to stretch. It is such a strange and wonderful feeling. Knowing without a doubt that she is alive with each shift of my stomach. No matter how painful her kicks get, I will be grateful for that reassurance. A's lungs are continuing to develop, and her ears should just about be done forming. Which I believe to be true because she dances the most to the sound of Steven's voice. She also went wild yesterday while we were at church and the music was playing loudly, accompanied by mine and the congregation's singing. If she is anything like she is out of utero as she is in; she will be a very alert baby girl, who adores the sunshine and music, and who is about in love with her dad as I am.

New developments -
 Cankles. Whether it is standing to cook dinner, or walking a few miles, my ankles turn into a broken can of biscuits. It is quite the hilarious sight. 
Also, I am finally in that stage where people (read: strangers) are sure I am pregnant and they aren't afraid to make reference to it. Thank heavens the awkward just gut stage is over. Even though that definitely means non-maternity clothes are now a no-go. Unless I feel like passing out from tight pants, that is. 
Cravings lately - salad, lots of it. But don't be fooled, I crave my fair amount of chocolate to counter balance that. Knowing a good recipe to Mug Brownies has been quite dangerous. 2 minutes to the perfect microwaved brownie might just be the death of me. Oh, and Mexican food too. Real good, authentic Mexican food, but unfortunately I live in Northern California. Not Mexico.
Also, my long-lived talent of being able to hold it for hours and hours before absolutely needing to go to the bathroom is now long gone. My bladder wakes me up every morning at 3AM to remind me of that. 

Each new day is hilarious, but I absolutely, positively love being pregnant. I will never not appreciate this journey, as it may be my one and only chance to experience it. 

Happy twenty-four weeks of living to you, baby girl! 
We love you.


  1. Congratulations on the 24 week mark! :)

    The lighting and tones in these photos are absolutely gorgeous. Did you happen to use a certain action set for them? I'd love to get this effect.


  2. my goodness, you're a beauty, n'tima! i absolutely love these shots - you take the loveliest black and whites. the cantaloupe thing is kind of blowing my mind right now. is she that big already!? go, a! and i had such cankles with natalie that when i'd press my fingers into my swollen feet, the finger outlines would remain! isn't that nuts?

    happy twenty four! time is flying!

  3. Happy 24! You look so incredibly cute! I'm so happy reading about your pregnancy journey. I love that you see the miracle of carrying that little baby girl in your cute little tummy. This was how I felt when I was carrying my son. Every kick, hiccup, punch or movement a true miracle! I cherished that time, because he was a miracle!

  4. Gasp! These are some of the most beautiful pregnancy portraits I've seen. The light here is fantastic, and you are looking most gorgeous. More than halfway through, mama! Doing great!

  5. so beautiful. i'm absolutely in love with the photos!

  6. ohhh, you must divulge your secret to perfect mug brownies!