10 April 2013

scenes from the past week

-We forewent our usual Saturday hike, and traded it for a day at the Oakland Zoo. We grabbed the best bagel sandwiches from a bagel shack on the way there, and then spent the afternoon climbing the hills of the zoo. We were able to be incredibly close to almost every animal we saw, and the staff was really informative when telling us the background of each of the larger mammals. We're animal people. And my heart was happy knowing almost all of the animals in that zoo were rescued from less fortunate circumstances. It was also amazing to see a zoo that gives their animals so much roaming room. Their exhibits were huge, and the animals seemed happy.

-I met and shot some maternity photos (that I love) for a photographer friend, more can be seen on her blog - here.

-LDS conference was this Sunday. It was accompanied by brunch, featuring the most scrumptious blueberry streusel muffins (recipe) & about every other carb we had in the house. And bacon. My favorite talk was this one by Elder L. Whitney Clayton. Religious or not, it gives some top-notch advice on marriage.

-We've also been working on the nursery. Little by little. Filling it with treasures that we love, marking things off our list a bit early. I can't help but sit in there every day, and just dream about her. My heavens, I love this girl.

-Also pictured, pilates. I had been feeling pretty crappy about my body the more it has stretched these past few weeks. The weight gain has definitely picked up speed. Granted, it's my fault for poor eating choices and little activity level. I had it in my head that if I can't do something like Insanity, there's no point in working out at all. Boy, was I wrong. Just a 20 minute strength training work out (low intensity, of course) and a 2 mile walk each evening has done wonders for my spirit already. I feel so much better about my body & my energy has resurfaced. Trimester two, I like you.

Spring has been so refreshing for me. I feel good. The weather is gorgeous, and everything seems to have come alive around me. Not to mention, I get to meet my daughter in the season after this one.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the life I live is a good one.