29 March 2013

happy day

Although, we had an ultrasound two weeks ago, I couldn't help but share the one we had today! Baby girl already seems so joyful. She threw us a wave, and a peace sign. She pulled up her feet and played with her toes even. She also turned to us and stuck her tongue out. I cannot even get over her perfect profile either. I could stare forever. 

We were also told that my placenta has moved two whole centimeters in the right direction during these past two weeks, so I have high hopes that it will be out of the way long before delivery day! 

Today was a good one. We celebrated with Mexican take-out in the park, Quickly drinks, and half a bag of mini cadbury eggs (the latter eaten entirely by me).

Happy weekend to you, friends! And Happy Easter too!


  1. What a cutie! Exciting times. But only HALF a bag of chocolate eggs?

  2. Happy Easter to you all! Many blessings on a healthy, happy pregnancy :)