21 November 2012

today I am thankful


my home smelling of sweet potatoes and pie crust
blue skies after a week of grey ones
a vibrant christmas tree in the living room
in-laws that I love
(and their company the last five days.)
a golden hearted, deeply patient husband - I sure am in love with that man
marigold scarves
fresh pressed apple cider
the day after this one where I get to spend the entire day cooking a feast
(not much brings me more joy than that.)
three san francisco day trips this week
the world that I live in
my mother
my  Savior and my God
my most fulfilling life
and every single soul in it

today I am thankful.
happy thanksgiving to you!


  1. love that marigold scarf! happy thanksgiving. :)

  2. Happy thanksgiving N'tima from a very rainy Bristol, UK :) x