15 November 2012

a tiny bit of christmas before thanksgiving

as per usual in the preusser household. we are preparing to be merry and bright a few weeks before it's socially acceptable. having a best friend who is also as christmas crazed as me & the mister, makes it impossible to avoid any and all pre-mature celebratory temptations. and I am a-ok with that.

 the twinkle lights outdoors & partially indoors are up. sarah & I crafted these mason jar snow globes and these painted ornaments, and have been hoarding target and world market ornaments like it's nobody's business (those two places alone are doing christmas decor the right way, am I right or am I right?) the only thing stopping me from putting up our tree and pulling out the nutcracker is my in-laws flying in (tonight!) for the week, and a large turkey dinner I have been obsessing over planning for what seems like forever. I'm having some sort of internal conflict about not wanting my thanksgiving/christmas decor to clash. someone convince me that this wouldn't happen. otherwise, the day after thanksgiving it is (or at least after we eat pie).

have a happy week! I'll be busy as ever showing the family around our neck of the woods & cooking up one giant 15lb bird.


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  1. have a happy thanksgiving & the best of luck with your thanksgiving dinner preparations (though i'm sure everything will be just great)!

    also, i'm all for putting up christmas whenever one feels it's time but, actually, if i had any thanksgiving decorations, i'd probably hold off as well. since i don't - our place is. decked. out.