06 September 2012

labor day at the lake

labor day just happened to be our pup's second birthday as well, so we did his favorite thing, at his favorite place to celebrate. swimming and picnicking at lake berryessa! last year we spent many a days floating in the same waters, and I am bummed it took us so long to get there this summer. because we love it so darn much. however, we made it before summer made its close and had the best time. the water was cool. the weather was warm. and our dog didn't stop smiling (which he honestly does do) the entire time. it was like he died and went to heaven. him galloping around in his bright orange life jacket + a hot topless husband, was one wonderful sight to see for me. later that night, chance got a scoop of ice cream with a candle on top & then he slept a good 14 hours.

days like this with my little family make me as happy as a labrador at a lake.

happy september to you!


  1. i love his little vest! way too adorable. glad you had a good labor day, i would kill to live near a lake.

  2. so hot.

    its finally warming up down here & i'm soooo keen for
    this summer!

  3. lovely shots and such a cute dog haha!