31 May 2012

come on, summer

 if I could freeze the world in all its warm glory right at this point in time, I would. with the warmth, the earth has come alive with color. even though my outdoor garden has suffered, my indoor plants have survived. and the plants that everyone other than myself are in charge of tending to, have done nothing but blossom wildly. 

also, its grilling season! which makes my heart swell up to make room for my love of backyard barbeques, lake swims, s'mores, and so. many. camping. trips!

our backyard has the biggest plans too! a hammock, a picnic table, and wood pallet projects are in the works. the weather is in the perfect stage between hot and cool, and it is quite ridiculous how much this affects my mood.

I hope you're as excited for this season as I am!


  1. Your photographs are so beautiful! I feel the same way about Summer and the weather changing. It makes such a difference in my personality as we switch from one season to another.

  2. N'tima, that chicken salad and soup looks incredible! Would you be willing to share a recipe? :) Me and my boyfriend Hugo got bored and made your chicken katsu curry recipe the other day! We added a bit too much rice we've decided, but we had a lot of fun shopping for ingredients and eating it! I love your blogs, your photos are stunning and you're such a beautiful and inspiring writer!! :D Lots of love, from Elly - UK :) xx

    1. hello! I'm glad you tried my curry recipe! the salad and soup in this post is at a restaurant, so I can't provide a recipe unfortunately. I'm sorry! Xo

  3. Awesome, thanks for replying and take care :) xx