23 May 2011

gifts from good people

I've been so on and off lately. one minute I'm completely in love with life & all that it entails, and the next I am completely down and unsatisfied.
however, I'm going to take this time to document how people have been so generous to us recently, so I can have something to stare me in the face when these bitter feelings arise.

for steven's birthday, his parents sent him a chunk of change, and he immediately went to spoiling himself (which was well deserved.) he bought the above lens & vintage camera strap, along with so many summer clothes and some fancy shades.
next, we received a box full of so many of our favorite things from our favorite place.
it was full of okinawan goodies from a sweet girl named sara.
we got a pretty large supply of treats to last us awhile & not to mention, fill our bellies with our favorite restaurants goodness tonight for dinner (and for many dinners to come). yuuuum.
it also had this sweet little card inside. we are beaming from excitement.
the next day my mom showed up with a blender & hand mixer for me! I was so thrilled because I've been craving a blender & my hand mixer was broken. my mama sure knows the way to my heart.
 we also received another gift from a friend in okinawa. an adorable mint apron for me & a hunk-like apron for my man. we love them both so much. (look at the ruffles on this thing!)
 lastly, we got this ivory throw in the mail today from one of steven's family members. it was on our registry so I was so so happy to see it!
we're also expecting a few parcels soon, from a few other lovely people in our lives. we are so spoiled, and so blessed, and so absolutely thankful.

I know this is a very materialistic post, but these things truly mean so much to us.
and sometimes tangible items do a good job at reminding you how much you are loved and thought about.



  1. I love it, that mint apron is a dream. I'm going to send you stuff!

  2. congrats!
    I've been following your blog, for a little, but I find it way much better than the tumblr. Which is where I started reading about your love story.. A long time ago. haha.
    but you're photographs are really cute. :)