23 May 2011


Saturday afternoon I finally graduated from The Institute of Technology and became an official "Culinary Arts Professional" with my AA degree in Occupational studies.

My mama was along for the ride as well. It was an incredible year to share before I took on my role as a wife. We gained an abundance of knowledge & met so many great people in the process. I am so proud of her- for trudging through book work & long days (& my back sass), just for the sake of spending time with me. And as an 18 year old (barely out of high school) I am so proud of myself.
Each chef instructor that I had, contributed in teaching me skills that I use every day in my own home- and ones that will help me be incredibly successful in my future career, and I would like to graciously thank them for that.

I also could not have done it without my father & my sweet husband of course. I was so blessed to have been surrounded by support, and I know I couldn't have pushed through without them.
 Did I mention how sweet (and kind and supportive and gorgeous) my husband is? 
Lastly- this is the medal that myself, my mom, & 3 others in our class earned by receiving 95%+ in the competition module practical final. I've blogged about it in previous posts. I wore it with pride knowing so few earned one.

I was so weepy during the ceremony. But when they announced me as "N'tima Simons Preusser" my heart fluttered and the tears couldn't hold themselves back anymore. I am in love with that beautiful combination of words.
(I wore this same dress to Steven's high school graduation in 2009)
I have my feet planted exactly where I want them to flourish. The feeling of accomplishing this milestone is addicting which makes me crave a greater education even more- and that craving gets stronger every day. I've been looking into my options for Bachelors' programs, and scholarships, and military college money. I know I either want to teach culinary one day, or become a nutritionist/dietician.

Whatever I decide to do, I know I'll have all of the motivation and support in the world and I cannot wait to see what life is holding for me.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful, beautiful day it was for you! :) I love the ideas you have for your future plans! You have your whole life ahead of you and your plans sound right on target and totally doable. GREAT JOB!

    PS: I have that same dress. But I've been too chicken to wear it. :) Forever 21?

  2. Aww congrats to you and your mom!! That dress looks gorgeous too! I wish all the best for your future!! :)

    Oh Jazmyn

  3. I'm so proud of you and your mama, tima. This is such an accomplishment & amazing gateway to your future! I love hearing you call the boy "husband," I do I do. love you.