09 May 2011

generations of love

my family and I were so lucky to have a visit from my incredible grandparents recently.
we celebrated mine & my mom's graduation (which is the end of this month) & mother's day with them.

the days were full of baking, golfing for the boys, board games, and a flood of belly laughs.
I also had the privilege of photographing my grandparents flaunting their all encompassing love for one another.
these were all absolutely candid. they were such a joy to photograph.
I remember at our wedding, my grandfather said something along the lines of, "...their love is refreshing. they ignite the youth in all that they surround..."

but this love. my grandparents love- is so absolutely and undeniably refreshing.

mothers' day was also a special day for steven & I.
a year ago, on may 8th, steven held me in the bed of his 1977 pick up truck, the sun was sinking behind the mountains, and he asked me to be his wife.

the rest is history.
with a heart full of love, N

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