04 May 2011

honeymooning at the happiest place on earth

my sweet boy and I had the most loveliest honeymoon in southern california for about a week after our phenomenal wedding.

we met up with paige & blake green and had a photoshoot at disneyland, and afterward we grabbed chinese with maryclaire roman & madeline joy! we also bowled & had our pictures taken by these two incredible girls.
I am finally here to share a few of my favorites~
the following were taken by madeline joy

the next few were taken by maryclaire roman!
 and this last bit was our oh-so-fun photoshoot at the happiest place on earth (with paige & blake green)

our hearts were so happy the days we spent here. not only to finally meet such beautiful, wonderful people, but to be married of course.
and our hearts only swell more every day.
happy tuesday, readers! love, N


  1. These are beautiful!! I love them all! I really want to go to Disneyland now. I haven't been in very long time and the funny thing about it is that I live about 20 minutes away from Disneyland lol.

    The Sweetest Life

  2. Love you! MC and I can't wait to see you two again!

  3. Oh how I love these! Disneyland is indeed the happiest place on earth, and you two are easily one of the happiest couples. So much joy for you two!