21 April 2011


 II. XXVI. MMXI (part 2)
here are a few more of my favorite images from our favorite day. I'll let them speak for themselves.

 (dress just ripped....)

I have so many (too many) that I love, so I left out a lot. this post is already too photograph heavy, but do keep in mind we were followed by about 10 cameras that day, so the footage we received it a bit overwhelming (in the best of ways.)

with all my love~ mrs. preusser.

digitals- paige & blake
film- madeulookphotography


  1. i just wanted to say that what you guys have is one in a million and i cannot wait for my day to come in august.

    you guys have come so far, and i cannot wait to be with mathieu once more and this time forever.

    stay safe and happy,