18 April 2011

sprucing up the abode

here is a compilation of the past couple of weeks.  
baking, grilling, easter gifts and craft projects from steven, new additions to the preusser home, and sweet treats. 
life has been a bit crazy lately, so consider this my appreciation for a moment to catch my breath.

we also rearranged the dining room (which I am aware that you have not seen before) but this is far more efficient and we're warming up to it. (needless to say, it was not our favorite room in the house.)

we were also recently told that steven will be leaving in may for about two months. I know we signed up for this, but this is his first time, not only being away as my husband, but being away at all since he joined the air force- almost two years ago. so I am a bit scared and of course sad, but in the end I know the wait will be a blessing in disguise.

happy monday, everyone! ~N


  1. you two can get through this bb :*

  2. We'll just have to hang out as Dallan is set to head out to Guam for awhile too... I've got some tricks up my sleeve for time away so let me know if you need any...