14 April 2011

the morning of

II. XXVI. MMXI (part 1)
steven & I were incredibly blessed to be surrounded by talented people to capture the most exceptional day of our lives. we had paige & blake green taking digital images, and the madeulook girls taking film imagery & video, and several other cameras giving us a handful of perspectives to cherish for the rest of our little lives.
here are a few of my favorites from the morning of.
getting ready...
 steven bought this for my 16th birthday, and I always swore I would wear it on our wedding day.
  gift giving...

 (he got us a gorgeous set of engraved wedding cake knife & server)
I gave my girls bracelets. and they looked cuter than me when they weren't even dressed up.
just wait for part 2! (& 3...and possibly 4!)

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  1. You DID have a wedding! (It's a lovely holiday today, and I'm at home in my fluffy robe with my two kitties and enjoying a yummy peppermint candle burning. Your photos make me feel you would like that, and understand the simple beauty of the peaceful morning) So, I'm not stalking your blog, I'm just obsessed with it! And when I found your other post about your commitment ceremony and thought that was your elopement, I saw a comment about wedding pictures. So I just had to keep looking until I found them! Your taste in photography, I have to admit, was EXACTLY what I'd hoped I'd find in your wedding photos. So lovely! I'm inspired. :-)