28 November 2013


(A little something I wrote on Thanksgiving, and I wanted to preserve it here, too)

For a husband that will baby wear, clean our home, & cook me three meals a day just to make sure I get a nap in. A man that says thank you daily and has changed far more dirty diapers than me. A patient, and a kind man. A man who can make me laugh and serves me because he genuinely desires to make me happy. A husband that has turned into a phenomenal father without hesitating.

A baby who is bright eyed and brilliant. Resilient and beautiful. One that gives me reason to watch the sunrise several days in a row. A baby who gives me several moments throughout the day to just sit and be still with her while she nurses. For the opportunity to be her mother.

For a body that was capable of constructing a tiny human. That reshaped itself in the purpose of building love and life inside of myself. And for the ability that my body has had to continue to nourish her since her birth.

For the team of doctors that revived her little body after losing her life during her birth. Modern medicine is magic and a true blessing.

For a mother who encourages and uplifts when I feel like giving in the towel. Her heart and her strength has given me exactly what I needed to push on most days.

For lady friends and family members who lend a listening ear even when they don't understand. Ones that make you meals and give you hugs and just remind you that you aren't alone.

And most importantly. My father in heaven. His giant, gentle hands, constructing each detail of my life to benefit me in the happiest ways. Who tests me and tries me to teach me to be softer and more patient. For giving me this life and this family.

(And plus also, sleep, showers, and two hands.)

I am thankful.

(pictures 1&3 taken by Sarah Thornhill.)


  1. My goodness, so much beauty in these words and pictures. I hope you and your wonderful family are having an amazing and at least somewhat restful advent season.

  2. You are truly talented and this is wonderful. It had me in tears. All the best to you and your family :)