01 December 2012

sweet san francisco

 part two of our time with the in-laws.

we spent a few days in san francisco. pier 39, kirby cove, and driving all around to get a glimpse of all the touristy stops. it was cold and gloomy, (as per usual during northern california's fall) but still beautiful and alive as ever.

on the drive home we spent about 3 hours in the car due to traffic, which warranted good, long, deep talks & many searches on youtube for funny cat videos between the five of us.

I married into the greatest family. and that is a fact.


  1. Love the pictures and the blog!!!!! We had such an amazing time!!!! We love and miss you so much!!!!!

  2. San Francisco is so beautiful! Wish it was closer, I'm dying to visit. Love these photos.

  3. We moved to Austin two years ago from the Bay area, I miss those gloomy cold falls, I love your blog, I'll be reading!