30 August 2012

tiny bits

 o1. a surviving alligator succulent (a rare site in this home), and lucky thrift finds - complete with plates patterned exactly the same as my grandmother's growing up.
o2. goldilocks! I took the plunge and had a dear friend bleach my locks & chop off a few inches. and let me tell you, I am feeling quite free!
o3. funfetti cupcakes for my best lady's birthday this month. my heart is a thankful heart for her existence.
o4. what my entire week looked like last week. after thrifting I developed some sort of respiratory yuck & it's finally starting to clear out. hooray!
o5. I have taken a liking to laundry - which is bizarre as can be if you know me. however, I have come to love the stillness involved in folding clean, crisp laundry. (I realize how "housewife-ey" that sounds, but oh well.)

this august has proven to be a bit milder than others I remember (maybe it's because our AC is in prime working condition) regardless, I am grateful for the relief. and I am ready to welcome fall & all its pumpkin-y goodness with wide open arms.

do you hear me autumn? I. am. ready.


  1. love your hair, love your photographs, wish we could be real life friends :)

  2. So hear you on being ready for Fall!