28 February 2012

our first year.

we celebrated our first year of marriage this weekend.
what a blessed and most fulfilling year it has been.
we started saturday with a good painting to a wall in our living room grey. with help from the cat, oscar. 

that night, steven & I grubbed on a very romantic ruth's chris dinner. 

the next morning, we ventured to a very secluded, mesmerizing beach. we sat for a few long hours in silence, letting our skin absorb the vitamin D & our chilled bodies sink into the glowing sand. the only thing we could hear was the steady depth from the sighs coming out of our lungs, the bellowing of the ocean, and the love sitting heavy in the racing air. very much like the night in which we first fell in love.  

we ended our anniversary night with traditional coco's curry, which is always divine, and then with an attempt to eat the top of our wedding cake - per tradition's orders. however, due to it's traveling between 3 states, 2 houses, and its sitting in the freezer for a whole year, I couldn't bring myself to do it. 

this year has been the purest form of happiness I have experienced in all of my life.
time has flown & I am so very grateful to have started a journey so delightful with such an incredible man.

my heart is full. -N


  1. This was beautiful.
    Congratulations on your first year and many more to come :)

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  3. Super fun! I totally think you should have at least TRIED the cake though. I keep stuff in my freezer for ages. I think it's fine!

    Are you guys going to get married in the temple now that your year is up?

  4. @Emily, oh of course we tried it! However, the freezer burn was far too much to handle. And yup! We get sealed in April :)

  5. Happy anniversary! I can't believe a year has passed already...
    You're family is so beautiful, N'tima.
    You are one blessed lady. :D

  6. @Paige thank you so much! It is so absolutely crazy to me that a year has already passed. I am indeed blessed. And your family is so very beautiful as well!