09 July 2011

today, tomorrow, and next week

Today nearly reached 80 degrees, so my human fellow, my furry fellow, and myself ventured to our local waters. The breeze allowed my brain to breathe and my heart to swell. I was in a state of absolute contentment and I thoroughly enjoyed my deep breaths and glimpses of both Steven's & Chance's toothy smiles. Chance adores the sea as much as we do, and it was apparent as he swam civilly amongst several (unusually timid) geese. 

Summer truly has brought  me more happiness than I ever could've imagined thus far. And in just 6 days we will get a visit from three of our very most favorite lady friends, and in 10 days we will journey across the country to spend two weeks with my sweet in-laws. I adore life and I adore my husband who has made marriage such an incredibly sweet adventure so far. 


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