31 July 2011

Hello from Tejas.

photo by Madeline Joy

Hello friends- I am here briefly just to remind you all that we both are still very much alive and well. July has slipped right through our fingers, and our hearts have been on each end of the spectrum. Our dear friends Madeline, MaryClaire, and Marielle made there way up to Northern California & spent a very short (and incredibly wonderful) three days with us. I promise a photo post update from that lovely weekend. 

photo by Mary Claire Roman

We have been in Texas with my (incredible) in-laws (and just recently my parents, and another couple & good friends of ours) for the past 12 days and our trip is very quickly coming to an end. For now, we are just trying to soak up all of the seconds we get with them -and each other- before crazy work schedules and errands steal us away again. We haven't escaped 100 degrees since we've got here, and I promise you that when we are safe and sound in our own home & relaxing with a relief from the heat, I will be back to blog about all of our much needed adventures thus far this summer.

Happy end of July to you.
Love, N


  1. Oh I saw the photos Madeline posted and they're amazingly beautiful. Hope you're having a fantastic time out in Texas! :)

    Oh Jazmyn