18 June 2011

our first summer days (in photos)

s u m m e r  has hit us in full swing up here in Northern California,
and we haven't missed a chance to soak in it's sunshine as much as we can.

 especially since it's our first summer as a married pair.  

 Our first outing was to the adorable little city of   
B e n i c i a

 I am in love with the sea, and was crazy about the fact that with just a short drive we could be right at its shores.

 I also was completely in awe at the antique shops that surrounded the city- it made me want to buy every single thing and fill my little home.

Not to mention sweet little handmade home decor shops
(baby items above, and delicious natural soaps below.)

 There was also a glass blowing museum that was full of so many stunning pieces. 

there were candy stores that you better believe I will bring my children to one day, and a dog treat store which had this cute little machine on the outside of it.

The next outing was an incredibly beautiful warm day at 
l a k e  b e r r y e s s a

where we hiked down to a private little area to wade through its warm, peaceful, serene waters.

 Chance got a kick out of swimming with us for the first time too. 

We're also seeing early signs of my little garden- which makes me far too giddy.

That night we made fresh margherita pizza & snacked on dark/milk chocolate truffles. 

Overall I am adoring this weather and all that it entails. Each weekend we're planning some sort of date with the Earth and I am so ready for it.

I hope summer is meeting you with w a r m t h h a p p y  days.
with all my love, N


  1. So sweet, I love these photos. This is mine and my husband's first summer being married, too :)

  2. ahh cali looks gorgeous, wish you
    guys lived near la so we could hang out
    in a few weeks !!

    i can't wait for ev & i's first summer
    this year too!! going to spend christmas
    at the beach!

  3. You life looks like it just came out of a fairytale