26 June 2011

final weeks of june

As June is winding down the weather is continuing to get warmer, and we are continuing to soak in the heat while it is still in between the stages of freezing our skin and boiling our skin. To be honest, it has felt quite like spring these past couple of days (finally) and we had a booked schedule.
We've also had a few new additions to our home as a result of our outings.
One being another sweet little cactus to add to my collection.
I gave myself a haircut at the beginning of this week, and then ventured on a local hike the next day.
The day after that we went for a swim at Berryessa (again), and the next day we had the opportunity to go to a Nascar race (courtesy of the military.)

Our weekends have been on Thursdays & Fridays recently, due to Steven's new schedule.
This is an adjustment, but we're making the most out of our much needed time together. 

 From Berryessa I brought home a few treasures (along with a sunburn).
Moss covered branches along with these incredible pine cones that scatter the shores.
(I brought home about 4 very large ones)

I also grabbed myself some drift wood.
I adore free, natural home decor. 

Additionally, I adore, fresh home grown fruits and veggies, which is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself.

 And of course, I adore my adorable pup Chance, who loves to pose for my new lens that I got earlier this week. Thanks to my sweet, sweet husband for my upcoming birthday. (I love it so far!)

As June ends, I pray that July meets you with all the good things summer brings, friends.

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  1. We have strawberries and tomatoes growing too!
    I also bought an echevarian cactus like you have, but I killed it already and I had to buy a new one :/

    Anyway, I'm glad your summer is treating you well! When are you coming to Texas?