02 April 2011

spring adoration

steven & I spent this week completely lovin' on the earth & its 80+ degree weather. 
we went on hikes, planted strawberries, windmill searched, & had picnics by the lake a few days in a row. the rolling green hills in northern california are one of my most favorite things.
our bodies are sun-kissed and our hearts are full of gratitude for such beautiful days. 
there was some cookie baking thrown into the mix of events as well.


(more images found on my flickr & the boy's flickr.)    



  1. Hey N'tima! Would you mind me asking which AFB you and your husband are stationed at? I ask because I saw that you are in Northern Cali, and Jimmy and I are planning on visiting Travis AFB when he gets home on leave because one of his closest buddies from basic training/his roommate in tech school got stationed there and we are going to visit him, and I would love to see you if you and your husband are at the same base!! Let me know :)


  2. aww isn't spring just the best !?
    north carolina is beautiful at the moment with
    all the flowers blooming & the sunny skies!

    your photos remind me of all the picnics i had
    when i was in aus...its making me so excited to
    go back!!!

  3. This is my favorite post. This is the life I want to live- the one I dream about! <3