06 April 2011

mani-pedi wednesday

I spent my afternoon, in the breezy, and warm air, planting a grape vine & when I was finished I decided I needed both a manicure & pedicure (both heavily inspired by em.)

I haven't been 'permitted' to paint my nails for over a year now, so it was time that I did. 
my fingernails were painted with 'dangerously dark' by rimmel london, and my toes were painted with 'nude 4' by UO.
and as you can see, I hardly painted inside of the lines, but I feel more feminine than I have in quite awhile, and that's the feeling I was going for.

happy hump day! ~N


  1. agree with sara !
    <3 i wish you guys were over here so i could paint both of your nails ! I get so bored doing just mine haha

  2. Toes are the same color...YES! You make everything look gorgeous :)