25 March 2011

feeding the outside to nourish the inside

I'm on a  h e a l t h  k i c k !

those of you who know me, know very well that I have not always been good to my body. I have starved and tortured myself as a result of depression, and I was very obsessed with the numbers. essentially, I had too much self-discipline... so upon healing, I gave up a lot of my self-control, and have been unable to find a happy medium since. this time, however, it's not about numbers, or even how I look, its about how I feel. and that to me is what's most important. 

migraines, lack of nutrition, little sleep, little hydration, and little exercise is my routine, and I'm tired of it- so today, steven & I ventured to a local fruit market.

we picked up so much fruit, local honey, and organic taffy. steven also got wild blackberry jelly & I picked out pumpkin butter.

I'm going to replace chips and cheez-its with strawberries and pineapples. and I'm going to replace toaster strudels with apples and bananas. I'm also going to start going to our (free-24 hour) gym about 3 times a week. steven & I have also agreed to ride our bikes and hike much more now that the weather is warming up.

so here's to treating myself how I deserve to be treated & feeling better each day.

 with confidence, N


  1. Oh N´tima. This is a great idea.
    You had depression? How did you overcome it? I have depression, too and I have been taking an antidepressant for about 8 months now.

    You seem to have so much vitality now. How did you reach that? Your charisma is so beautiful. I want to be like that someday but I do not know yet how to reach it. I also punish my body a lot.

    Hope you´ll answer me.
    Probably at my tumblr:

    I would appreciate it.


  2. Congratulations girl, I need to do this too. I've been eating a lot o junk lately.

  3. Ugh this is so great to see!!! I love health and yes it's about FEELING good!! Good for you.

  4. YUMMMMMMMMMM <3 miss you 'timama!

  5. DIXON? You don't live near me do you? I'm a friend and friend of P + B but I live in Sacramento. I got sucked into the naturalness of your bloggy, but I assumed you were in Utah. DIXON? LIke, by Davis and Vacaville? Seriously, can I get Hucklberry products out here? I might die. I'll go there TOMORROW if that's true!!! I have a SERIOUS huckleberry problem and drive all over looking for the stuff; even contemplated buying the berries for $40/pound online!!! Huckleberry taffy just as close as DIXON? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! You just made my month!!!!!!!!!!! And my month has SUCKED! THANK YOU!

  6. hey! yeah we live in fairfield! so a trip to dixon is easy :) the huckleberry taffy is incredible & they also sell huckleberry jams and jellies. I'm happy I could make your month!! let me know if you need an address or anything.