18 March 2011

fast-forward- me, him, and the puppy

I know I'm skipping over two very (very, very) important occasions in our little lives-
the wedding, and the honeymoon. 
however, I will get back to those two phenomenal events in time.

fast forwarding to after the honeymoon, 
steven & I immediately bought a gorgeous little white kitty with mint green and gold eyes, and we named her sofie.

unfortunately, shortly after adopting this sweet girl, I was in the emergency room unable to breath, due to some random and unexplainable allergy I had to her, and only her in the entire universe of cats. it was incredibly bizzare and sad, considering steven had to give her back the next day.

happily enough, though, we found this cute guy the next weekend, and I am completely allergy-free with him! which is awesome because I love him to bits. he is so sweet and obedient and everything I'd want in a puppy.
his name is chance and we are proud parents.

as for being married... we are just happy. purely and deeply happy.
my heart has never been more at peace.

-N Preusser
(last image taken by madeline joy)


  1. Love love love love. Chance is SOOOO cute!!

  2. PUPPYYYYY! I CAN'T WAIT TO VISIT! :) hopefully ill be visiting in the next yearrr !:)

  3. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow and follow you as you begin this next stage of life...you are two beautiful souls and life is at your fingertips...