20 November 2014

Mount Mitake

One of the greatest parts about calling this part of the world home is being able to see every one of the four seasons come to life. In the spring we get to see the cherry trees blossom nearly everywhere, the pink petals falling all around like a snow glob. In the summer, everything is vibrant, green, and alive. In the winter, though the leaves have fallen, and the flowers are few, the snow that blankets the empty trees and streets is so, so beautiful. And Autumn, well, you see. Vibrant golds and reds, the brisk air, and the crunching beneath our feet as we walk.

I love this part of Japan because just outside the concrete jungle, are mountains, hills, and gorges that stretch all around us. They are forested with the most incredible trees. Mount Mitake is among these mountains and is just a short drive from our house. This is one of our favorite places to hike.

We take the cable car up about 800 meters, and then continue to hike up to the summit. I especially love this hike because there is a small village and shrine that you walk through to get to the top. It is just amazing to me that these sweet people have made their homes or their businesses all the way up there. There are even various farms along the hike that harvest massive fruits and vegetables. What they do harvest, they place out in front of their homes or shops and place a piggy bank next to them, using the honor system to sell the food they have grown. That simple living is so interesting to me. Apparently, Mount Mitake has been catering to pilgrims and serving as a center of mountain worship for almost 2000 years!

We visited Mitake in the summertime this year, but this recent trip was something else, for obvious reasons. We strapped a sleepy Anabel on our backs in the Ergo Baby Performance carrier (so comfortable!) and she was so unbelievably happy to be there while we walked up and up. She made it her mission to carry every leaf Steven gave her with care, for as long as she could manage. And I could tell she was pleased by the way she kept hugging into us and kissing our backs with a big "OPA!" The fresh air was good for all of us, I think. And nursing her once we had reached the summit, overlooking the orange and reds of the peaks and valleys of Tokyo city, well, that's something I will never forget.

The day was perfect. The weather was just warm enough and just cool enough, the view was unreal, our girl was happy, and the whole ordeal felt like a real date for me and my guy. These are the days that I live for.

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  1. Wow, these pictures are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow. These pictures are absolutely stunning, and the day sounds like it was perfect. I believe that being surrounded by nature is good for the soul. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a simple and beautiful post! I really love your blog.

  4. Your photos are always beautiful! What kind of camera do you have?

  5. Friend. These are STUNNING. Wish I could come visit you and play tourist for a week!