16 September 2014

This Space

I am not really sure how to begin this one. I have never been good at the casual posting thing. The lighthearted stuff. I promise in real life I can be witty, and not as melodramatic, or as put together as I may seem here, but when it comes to writing, I pour it all out. Projectile word vomit is a more accurate description. 

I have never written to gain an audience. But alas, over time, articles went viral, people started reading what I had to say, and I became a self-proclaimed "writer."

I am a writer.

If you are a reader of Coffee + Crumbs, that title is legitimate (and if you are not, click over, now), but I still stutter when I say that out loud.

I just came here to say, even if I am not a "good blogger," one that is consistent, that is. Even if I don't respond very well (or at all) to your emails, or interact with you on my other Social Media platforms; even if I do not say nearly enough "thank you's"...

I am thankful that you still make your way here, and that you are so kind to me. I do not know what is in store for this little piece of the internet that I shout in, but I do know this: this will always be a place that is a true reflection of who I am, regardless of what I choose and what I choose not to share. This will always be my safe place.

And I will work on the saying"thank you" thing.


  1. I always loved reading your posts, you pick your words wisely and radiate so much feeling.
    The picture above is beautiful, your daughter is such a dainty sweetheart <3
    I wish you all the best in the lovely country you are able to experience living in. Those are memories made for a lifetime, and you share them with the people you love the most.
    Life is a beautiful miracle :)

  2. love coming to your blog. and this picture is killing me! it is so beautiful!