13 May 2014


Nine months. Sixteen and a half pounds. Twenty-eight inches.

I laugh when I read Anabel's eighth month post where I defined it as "busy." Which, don't get me wrong, it was just that, but nine months, holy cow. This girl. She is an active thing. She crawls at lightening speed. She cruises the furniture. She has so many shin bruises (and one busted lip) to prove it. She is constantly dancing. Non-stop swaying of her tiny hips. She's even perfected a head banging move that is quite hilarious. Any and all sounds persuade her to move her body. Namely, our obnoxiously loud washer, the phone ringing, and the sound of us brushing our teeth, but she prefers, and requests, even, that we turn on the radio first thing in the morning. 

She was born to dance. 

And she will make music with anything she gets her hands on. She actually "tests" everything she picks up to see what sort of sound she can get out of it. She appropriately now knows the words "dance," and "shake your booty." 

She will hurriedly find Eric Carle's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?" When we ask where "Brown Bear" is, and she is eager to love on "gee" (Her stuffed Mickey Mouse that we got our honeymoon) when we ask her to find him. She also blows and gives kisses freely and often now, which is just the best since she has protested affection nearly her entire life. She is a babbler. She thinks she is hilarious, and she is  l o u d. She tries to get everyone near her to laugh, and will even go as far as forcefully fake laughing/yelling at herself to do so. She also does this head-tilt, giant grin thing to try and catch our eye. I didn't think it was possible for such a little human to grasp the concept of sarcasm, but she's got it down pat. 

She loves FaceTiming family back home, and it has been such a blessing to be able to share her with them from so far away.

She finally sprouted her first two teeth, and she uses them well while gnawing on her new favorite, watermelon. Which is a bit unfortunate since watermelon in this country runs at over a buck a pound! In fact, she tries to use those teeth to eat anything she can possibly find. She has a love affair with food (and all non-food alike).

Her rolls are starting to sadly disappear. Her hair is getting blonder, and the curls are starting to form perfectly. Thank you very much, 100% humidity. 

She's getting so big, and her personality is getting even bigger. She loves hard, she plays hard, she sasses even harder. She's just so darn smart and she carries so much light in that tiny two feet body of her's.

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