03 May 2014

13/52, 14/52, 15/52, 16/52

"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014"

my sweet, blue eyed baby. giving me scare after scare due to your new found skill: crawling (really, really fast.)
a walk along our neighborhood street that is lined with cherry trees/sneezing because of said cherry trees, while in front of Mt. Fuji
spring is here and the poppy fields were in full bloom the day we visited showa kinen park.

17/52, 18/52, 19/52, 20/52
I am trying to savor the wrinkles and dimples in your hands and wrists and knees and ankles.
 I never want to forget the way your almost 9 month old baby skin folds over as you grow.

a little love from your favorite person while visiting a local park at sunset. / I love watching you play in our bedroom when the morning light pours in through our blinds. I can already see your imagination getting bigger by the day.
all dolled up for your first Easter Sunday. admiring the necklace I wear, as per usual.


  1. just precious and wonderful! <3

  2. You are giving her the most magical childhood and I feel so, so grateful to be able to even share in a little part of it. So much love to you guys.

    1. Oh Dani. Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for being such a shining example from afar. Sending that love right on back.

  3. Your photography is so beautiful and inspiring...and so is your little family :] -Kari

  4. Hello! May I ask you what kind of camera and lens you use to take your beautiful photographs. I recently purchased a Canon 7D to take photos of my new baby and am trying to decide on the best lens. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. I really love your photos!

  5. Hi! I was also wondering what kind of camera/lens you use? The pictures of your little one are incredible!

    Any info would be much appreciated!