13 April 2014


Anabel's eighth month has been so busy. She officially started crawling. Out of nowhere. There was no army crawling, no scooting, nothing. Just not crawling one second, to full on, perfect crawling, the next. She pulls up onto everything. Can stand for a few seconds unassisted. She claps, high-fives, waves and says, "hiiii!', says "dada, and "hungry" (as clear as day) when she wants to eat. She loves being outside, stealing all of my avocado, eating squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. She just recently learned how to sip out of a straw, too. She started sleeping through the night, and napping a lot during the day. She still doesn't have any teeth (that first one we thought she had was a fluke!) She fake laughs, and entertains herself by getting into anything and everything. Namely the most dangerous stuff. She dances to music, and sings too, which is the sweetest thing. She's a huge fan of The Eagles, and Aerosmith. And rap music too (she throws her hands in the air when the beat it just right). I honestly feel like I'm living with a completely different baby than I was just a month ago. Becoming mobile really does change everything. She's just massive now, and so sweet and funny. She's a hoot and we love her more than we ever though possible. 

I feel like I am raising my best friend.


  1. "I feel like I am raising my best friend."
    You took the words right out of my heart.

  2. Wow, she is such a split combination of you and Steven- so beautiful! Love her big blue eyes.

  3. my gosh, she's gorgeous! :) i love reading your blog posts about her growing up, it's so beautiful.