13 March 2014


My girl. Seven months brought you all the way across the Pacific and into a whole new country. You have adjusted so well here in Japan. Sleeping better than you ever have, smiling more, eating more, growing faster. The baby that left California is long gone now and is a vibrant, feisty girl I spend my days with. You love Japan, you love sweet potatoes, clementines, and seaweed. You love your set of toy keys, taking naps, baths, dancing, wooden blocks, and mama's arms. We have taken you all over our new city and you have locked eyes with so many kind strangers. You are calm and sweet, wild and ornery. You can't sit still for too long, but you still refuse to crawl. You wave and say "hi" and "nigh nigh" when you're sleepy. You also just started saying "dada". You are hefty and long. Your strawberry blonde hair is getting fuller. You laugh at all your dad's jokes. And you are really loving solid foods. 

Your energy brightens our days, and I feel like all is right in the world when you gaze up at me or rub your thumb back and forth while holding onto my arm. You are perfect in every way. I pray you never lose your light.

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