27 December 2013

anabel's first christmas

This year, on the days leading up to Christmas, we had a delicious dinner with our close friends in town, had another with my mama & three brothers who flew in to see us. We also decorated gingerbread men for Santa, ate so many home cooked meals, wrapped too many gifts, sent Christmas cards out late, again, watched a plethora of Christmas movies, and even got a date in, too.  (Thanks, mom!) Christmas Eve we read the Bible story of the Savior's birth near the tree, and then I stuffed stockings, and set up Santa's loot after Ana fell asleep. Which gave me butterflies. Being a mom during the holidays is pure magic. I cannot believe it was Christmas day last year that we were announcing our pregnancy. She woke up on Christmas day in the sweetest mood, we ate waffles, and she was far more enthusiastic about opening her gifts than I thought she would be. Christmas 2013 will forever be one of my favorite memories.

Now it is time to get our home back to normal, and switch gears into 'moving mode'. Oy. T-minus 48 days until we say "Sayonara, America." 


  1. These pictures are amazing! You'll cherish these forever :)

  2. What amazing photos! What kind of camera do you use? Mine just broke so I'm looking to either get a new one or fix the old one. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. My daughter just turned one, but reading about your daughter's first few months reminded me of my daughter's. She too had silent reflux and was absolutely miserable/inconsolable. But around the third month her digestive system was getting used to everything and she became the happiest baby I've ever met. This first year has it's challenging moments for sure, but the more our babies begin to do the more amazing and understandable motherhood becomes. Blessings!

  3. your blog is lovely. Someone posted your "ode" on FB and it is getting around. Wow. You are 21 and so wise. I'm 42. You made me cry like a baby. When I had my oldest 15 years ago I was so surprised and shocked at the changes and I lost a lot of weight but never all of it... and that same year my mother had a tummy tuck and a boob job. I turned to two artist friends for images of fertile women . They each made me a ceramic fertility goddess and those sat on my dresser in my bedroom until 2 years ago when I lent them to a friend who couldn't get pregnant. She had her first baby girl 12/22 this year. Thank you for sharing wisdom. So many of us need to hear it. Bright Blessings in 2014!