13 October 2013


Anabel is two months old. She is ten pounds, five ounces, and 23 inches.

Her hair is still strawberry blonde, but her roots are stark white and her dark blue eyes have started to lighten. She is funny and smart and strong. She giggles when we scare her or tickle her neck (we'd do just about anything to hear that giggle). And she grins when we catch her eye. She follows people around the room, too. She mimics sounds that we make to her, and has some serious head control. She can also pull herself up into sitting position if we hold onto her arms. She is feisty and demanding. She is spirited. She feels deeply (like her mama) and will let you know exactly what she's feeling. She is exhausting, but I truly hope she carries that trait with her throughout her entire life. She is a flirt. She tries to charm inanimate objects and nurses at the hospital. She sleeps a solid eight hours at night, and protests naps like it's her job. She met her Nana and Grandad Preusser this month, got a visit from Grandma Simons and Great Grandma and Grandpa Allen, and visited the pumpkin patch (three times!), too.

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