17 November 2011


texas was a phenomenal break. food and family and card games and belly laughs. it was the first time we had all of my family in one place since right after we were married. we also got a few days in with steven's family too, which was refreshing. the weather was divine as well, so much better than july's heat.

since being home (a total of 24 hours now) we've scheduled a plethora of appointments, one being a (minor) surgery for steven, and another being a driver's license test for me. hooray! - for the latter. I also have a family photoshoot of 11 the day before thanksgiving & a grubbin' feast to make a week from today. I'm ridiculously in love with piecing together the menu and planning out the recipes and such, even though I'm only cooking for two this year. november has been so absolutely good to us so far, and it is slipping out of our hands faster than I can imagine. it will be time to put up the christmas tree and craft up our holiday decor real soon. I'm ready for it all.

xoxo. n.

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  1. I hope everything is okay with your husband and the minor surgery went well! Did you pass the driver´s license test? I already decorated our apartment because I cannot wait for Christmas Eve to come :) I love this season: cozy, full of love and delicious food.
    Xoxo. S